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ShikaTema - Day Off
“Why does Tsunade always give me so much work before my day off?”  Shikamaru groaned as he walked up the steps to a rooftop with a covered bench. He sat down, laid his head back and began to watch the clouds go by, as he always did. It was something that he always enjoyed doing, from when he was a young student in the academy to now. Although his schedule had become crammed full of meetings, appointments, and other engagements, he still found the time for him to watch the clouds. It was a relaxing pastime; he exerted no effort in doing so, and his mind was calm.
“I thought I would find you here,” he heard a female voice call out to him. Propping himself up, he gazed into the eyes of Temari, the fan-toting kunoichi from Suna. The two had been dating for some time now, and Temari had taken what could be called a permanent residence in Konoha; still acting as liaison between the two great nations, but spending her free time with her boyfriend and other acquai
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters used, but the story is mine.

Chapter 1

Lucy’s pov.

    Is everything meant to be broken in this weird world we call home. I always ask random questions about this topic, tired of not being answer, and always coming up with more questions. Seeing a lot of things happen around me, wondering when did this all begin, and why does it happen? Does it happen to the unsuspecting victims, that don’t know how to stop it. Before it becomes to much, I have always end up pushing everyone away to not drag anyone else into my problems.

    I’m always thinking that it’s for the best to not get close to anyone else. Which may make me suffer more, but I become numb to the pain after a while. This may be unhealthy or whatever, but it’s for the best not to hurt anyone that I could end up caring about. I’m just trying to deal with my problems by myself, to protect others, and myself. Being seen as a weak person may not be bad, but you can’t control what others may say.

    It may hurt to be alone and have no one to talk to. Hi my name is Lucy and I have always be lonely until I met him, on my first day of school here, when I was push into him,  saying sorry and running off to class not expecting to have the same class as him.

    Once in the class, thinking that everything is fine. Walking up to the teacher, Miss Mirajane, asking where I should sit. She end up sitting me in the back row by the window. Walking to the seat, I pulled out my sketchbook to continue working one of my drawings.

    Hearing the chair in front of me scrape the floor, looking up to meet black eyes and salmon hair. Thinking "Oh it’s the guy that I bump into", looking away shyly to continue to draw. Until a shadow blocked the light.

        Looking up too see him standing over my desk, grinning he said I like your drawing so far.

Smiling I said “ Thanks. Hi, I’m Lucy, and it’s nice to meet you.”  He replied by saying “Hi, I’m Natsu, and it’s nice to meet you too.


Hey guys, this is my first fan-fiction, please don’t slam me to much. Sorry for grammar and spelling. Also other pairings will be used but Nalu is the main one, so sorry if you don’t like it. Thank you guys for reading, bye bye!

She see sadness on the little girl's face, wonder's what happen to the bright smile that was always on her face.
  She see darkness in the same girl's eyes. What made her this way? She wonders.
  To the little girl, she see a strong woman trying so hard to make happy. Which makes the little girl wonder.
   Why would such a strong person try to help her out of this darkness, when the woman has her own problems?
  But the thing the little girl see is the pain she brings to the woman's eyes. She wants to make the woman happy again.
But seeing the pain in her eyes makes her feel sad. The two of them take the pain and sadness from others for on reason, which just cause them more pain.


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